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Presentation of selected fragments of the market analysis for the service and renewal of hooklifts and skip loaders devices (hooklifts and skip loaders) on the Polish market, worked out in November and December 2021.

The analysis covered the following topics:

⦁ Sales of hooklifts and skip loaders in Poland in 2015 – 2021
⦁ Customers using these devices – segmentation
⦁ Analysis of the opinions of potential customers regarding modernization and service
⦁ Initial recognition of the competition

Vehicles equipped with hooklifts and skip loaders devices are used in many industries, although the main sector of their use is municipal transport. The remaining categories are the transport of scrap, loose, liquid and hazardous materials. There is a wide range of swap bodies on the market, from the smallest (1 ton) to the largest, exceeding 30 tons.

Vehicle market size of hooklifts and skip loaders devices

Based on data from the Central Vehicle Register (CEP), a significant increase in the registration of hooklifts and skip loaders can be seen since 2017. Of course, the impact of the pandemic contributed to the decline in dynamics, but it seems that the practically 2.5-fold increase in the number of vehicles introduced to the market will be maintained (an average of 170 in 2015-2016 and an average of 450 in 2017-2021). This means an increase in the size of the park of these machines, which can be observed also in other registers.

That does not mean that the vehicle base only expanded with new devices. Used devices account for approx. X% of the number of vehicles in the last 7 years. The average age of the vehicles imported in 2021 is nearly Y years. This alone offers some potential for the modernization and service market.

Later in the report, the issues of the category of the size of loads, the seasonality of sales as well as the registration of such vehicles in various regions of Poland were discussed.

The market share of individual manufacturers of hooklifts and skip loader devices in Poland is interesting. These values can only be estimated, as there is no official data on this subject. However, the well-known supplier of this equipment is certainly Meiller, although there are also many other manufacturers and suppliers such as Skibicki, Hyva, Palift, Multilift, Atlas, KH Kipper, Palfinger, Fassi, HIAB, King, Janco (Stal).
The photo comes from the website https://www.meiller.com/pl/

Customers that use vehicles with hooklifts and skip loaders

Customers that use those vehicles we can divide in three main categories (segments):

⦁ Municipal companies
⦁ Construction companies
⦁ Transport companies

It is possible to estimate the size of individual market segments and the size of the equipment base at their disposal. There are considerable differences in the amount of equipment used by individual companies and the age of the devices.

Analysis of the opinions of potential customers (survey results)

A very important and informative element of this analysis were the results of a survey carried out among companies using hooklifts and skip loaders. The survey was conducted on November 22-26, 2021, by phone, with the help of interviews with persons supervising the operation of hooklifts and skip loaders. Each time it was a decision-maker – in the case of smaller companies, the owner himself, and in the case of large companies, the director or manager of transport. Of course, a lot more information and interesting comparisons and references were obtained, taking into account also customers who modernized hooklifts and skip loaders, both on their own and by commissioning such services to specialist companies.

Initial recognition of the competition

The last element of this report was the presentation of the nearest but also further competition in the field of servicing and modernization of hooklifts and skip loaders. The limiting factors, the range of services offered, the pricing policy applied and the features distinguishing the offer of individual companies were analysed.