The published data is prepared on the basis of the Central Vehicle Database (CEP, more commonly known as CEPiK – with drivers data) and reflects the accuracy of information entered by users of this database. The presented visualisation of data is an original idea and may be published only with given source and an active link leading to this information (in the case of electronic services).

We can prepare a lot more information for you based on the CEPiK database including such characteristics as: models and types of vehicles, production year, total weight, engine capacity and horse power (if applicable), place of registration (voivodship – regions, district, commune), type of fuel (if applicable), number of seats (if applicable) and number of axles and load etc.
We can also explore many other sources of information from different industries and databases.

We carry out market analysis, customer and competition research, prepare business plans and B2B strategies in technical industries and the broadly understood automotive industry.