B2B market research is a source of very valuable information:

  • customers – their behaviour, expectations, needs → market segmentation
  • competition – their operational strategy, results, applied prices
  • the economic and technological environment of the market
  • market and sales potential

In addition, market research inform us about:

  • customer satisfaction level
  • market share, individual market segments
  • effectiveness of the conducted sales and promotional activities
  • the level of price elasticity in the market
  • efficiency of the distribution system and customer satisfaction with our service
  • the structure of purchasing center and its activities

There are various methods of obtaining information and conducting research. There are various known research methods:

  • Desk research – this is the analysis and collection of data available in various primary sources (Internet obtained, statistic data, company databases, industry catalogs and others). It is a very valuable method of initial recognition of the market, competition and customers, which provides the basis for additional research.
  • Surveys (internet, telephone, so-called CATI, postal) are to be used to quantify customer satisfaction, company image and recognition. In our opinion, they are effective (and to a limited extent) only as a standard element of the customer service process, but they are not very effective in B2B market research where the sales process is based on a personal relationship. Due to the low cost of these methods, they are proposed by large research companies for small and medium-sized enterprises, but they give not accurate results on the B2B market – the survey or regular interviewer rarely reaches the right person
  • Face-to-face interviews (questionnaire or in-depth so-called IDI) are the basic method of obtaining qualitative information. It is also the basic method of B2B market research proposed by our company. It is carried out by a specialist involved in further analytical work and strategy development, and not by a completely unfamiliar interviewer / telemarketing specialist or other inexpensive personnel.
  • Observation, mystery shopper complete qualitative and quantitative research methods. They are implemented in specific cases, where their usefulness is very high.

An important element of market research is the method of research preparation, sample selection, survey or interview preparation, statistical analysis and report preparation. All these stages are performed in Analizy Rynku B2B by a specialist who deals with the entire project. This is a guarantee of high research efficiency and subsequent results. If you want to conduct market research and build a company strategy that will respond to your unique needs contact us!

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