Analizy Rynku B2B gives you the tools to take effective actions on the B2B market so that your company achieves the best position using the available resources:

  • we identify the customer behaviour and needs thanks to personalized B2B market research. Thanks to this, you can develop a competitive advantage that gives you a leading position in the targeted market
  • our approach to B2B market segmentation will allow you to define customer groups in such a way that the resources that you have in your organization are most effectively used in order to reach the most attractive and profitable areas of the market
  • focused approach at every market segment allows you to adjust the product / service to the customer’s needs
  • Knowing your customers’ needs, behaviour and purchasing criteria will help you choose the right pricing strategy
  • a list of your customers’ important characteristics according to the LM B2B 4s® method (size, organizational structure, situation, segment) will enable the selection of appropriate distribution channels and methods of reaching the customer with sales structures
  • getting to know your customers’ expectations is the best basis for developing your brand strategy, which will build a loyal customer group and generate a higher return on expenditure on marketing activities
  • in the current economic conditions, you cannot limit yourself to the local market – with us you will also recognize the development potential on foreign markets

Your market activities are determined by the organization and internal systems that you use to prepare the product or service and deliver it to your customers. The knowledge gained as a result of B2B market research will bring tangible results only if you transform it into all operational activities, processes and systems used in your company:

  • the process of obtaining information from the market, data and document circulation and processing in such a way that it constitutes an effective management tool at every stage of the activity
  • production process / services delivery adapted to the market requirements and customer needs, but also designed to serve the potential market
  • operating system covering all key processes occurring in the company: procurement, warehouse management, production / service delivery, customer service, finances. An element often underestimated in the B2B market where standard general-purpose solutions do not work and thus disrupt work
  • a logistic system that ensures the delivery of products and services to the customer in such a way that the added value is not degraded. B2B products / services also involve the implementation process, customer consultation, accompanying the customer in its operation, service and availability of equipment and spare parts
  • organizational structure of the company and employee motivation systems adapted to the market requirements, development strategy and customer expectations
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