Development of a business plan is tailored to the purpose it is to serve, however, in each case it is the result of unique creative work (in Analizy Rynku B2B!). The business plans prepared by us present clearly and comprehensively the scope of the planned project and the expected results of its implementation. Often, institutions implementing projects or granting loans require the use of their own business plan scheme, however, the method of its development is important for its evaluation and is not only filling in empty boxes or answering questions.

The basic elements of a business plan include:

  • characteristics of the entrepreneur or potential entrepreneur;
  • a short summary of the project,
  • market analysis and its segmentation;
  • strategic analysis of the project (development trends, SWOT analysis, 4P strategies);
  • competition analysis;
  • financial plan;
  • other economic and ratio analysis, including risks of implementation

The business plan is not only used to obtain funds from an external institution, but is also a valuable analysis of our own activities in all relevant areas, which gives the manager a comprehensive picture of the company’s potential.

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