Dynamic presentation of changes in registration of tractor units over many years based on data from the CEPiK database. This applies to the period practically from the beginning of using this type of transport in Poland until the last year.

We can see how crisis situations and political transformations influenced the number of vehicle registrations of a given brand and even completely changed the structure of suppliers.

The 70's and 80's

You can see with nostalgia such brands in the history of tractor unit registrations as Jelcz, Skoda, Star, IFA, Kamaz or even Liaz and Tatra. Certainly, the 70s saw the growing domination of the Jelcz brand, although Volvo tractors also appeared.

The turn of the 1980s and the crisis at the beginning of this decade resulted in the strengthening of the Kamaz brand and the reappearance of Volvo and Renault for a short time. Later in the decade, brands such as Iveco and Scania emerged.

The 90’s

The political breakthrough of 1989 resulted in the transformation of the market into the dominance of Western truck tractor brands, although in the first 90s the Jelcz and Liaz brands tried to compete in this group with little success, and in 1994 the first seven truck manufacturers were formed for many years. Initially, Volvo, Renault and Scania, which were the earliest presence on our market, gained the dominant position. As you can see, this investment turned out to be beneficial, because until the end of the 90s these three brands were interchangeably taking the leading position.

XXI century

In the first years of the 21st century, the DAF brand and later the MAN brand attacked the unshakable position of the three vehicle brands of Scania, Volvo and Renault. It was then that DAF became the registration leader for the first time and also MAN at the end of the first decade.

The last decade until the last year 2021 can be called the decade of the DAF brand on the Polish market of tractor units. This brand dominated with a greater or lesser advantage with short episodes of the MAN brand, which successfully fought for the second position.

The year 2021 confirmed DAF’s position as a leader and the close group of four brands: VOLVO, SCANIA, MERCEDES-BENZ and MAN successively. It is worth emphasizing that MERECEDES has entered into this list.

Are we not, however, at a turning point in the face of new, far-reaching changes as a result of climate policy, the effects of which will also have to be faced by tractor units?